Fellowship Kids exists to show parents and kids God's redemptive plan in all of Scripture. We hope to be a community for families, encouraging them to worship, follow and and share Him together. The values we strive to uphold are as follows: Jesus-Focused, Developmentally Appropriate Teaching, and Safe-Fun.

  • Safe-Fun

    Fellowship Kids wants each child to enjoy church by feeling loved, engaged, and excited. This can happen with relationships, good teaching, and activities. Though these things are good, we believe they need to be done in a safe manner. All volunteers are checked and screened before they are allowed to serve in our ministry, and we implement various safety policies and procedures. It is our hope that all parents feel secure in trusting us with their children.

  • Developmentally Appropriate Teaching

    We choose curriculums that fit with the ages we are teaching, and when things need to be simplified, we accommodate. It is important that each child understands the teachings of Scripture as their minds can comprehend it, and as they grow cognitively, we strive to expand their Gospel and Biblical knowledge with sound teaching.

  • Jesus-Focused

    At Fellowship Kids, the Gospel is our main focus in ministry because it is the power of God for salvation. We believe this is not only for adults, but children as well. We strive to choose curriculums that point to Jesus Christ in every lesson because we believe the whole Bible is about Him. 

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