Fellowship's Purpose and Plan for Discipleship

"You are the light of the world . . ." Matthew 5:14a

How is FBC a light to the world?

FBC's purpose and discipleship plan are one and the same. We want to be a light to the world as Jesus has said, but how can we do this at FBC? Our answer is simple.

  • Gather for Worship- At FBC, we believe in the gathering of believers for worship. This is a time where we unite to honor our Savior through the reading, preaching, seeing (ordinances), and singing of the Word. Our plan of discipleship begins here as we believe the gathering is crucial to the spiritual life of every believer.
  • Grow Together- The next step in our discipleship plan is communion with God and His people. This happens individually, in the family, and in the church. Each individual should grow closer to God through the reading of Scripture and prayer. Families should come together in times of devotion and study. The church should gather in smaller groups to have fellowship with one another and for the study of the Word. At FBC, we provide this opportunity through our Sunday School classes and Community Groups. 
  • Give and Serve- The third step in our discipleship process is a call for service. We hold that the believer can serve the church in three distinct ways: time, talents, and finances.   By giving to the mission of the church and serving in various ministry areas, we will see our devotion to the Lord increase. We will also build up other believers, and we will be less driven by what we get (consumer mentality) as we learn that it is better to give than to receive. 
  • Go to the Lost- Finally, as every believer grows in their discipleship, we want them to go and make more disciples. We hope all members of FBC will be a light to neighbors and nations, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that His glory is made manifest. Once a person has been brought to faith, we then desire that they join us or a local body at the Gathering. The plan of discipleship has now come full-circle.