Church Essential #1


The first step as a disciple is to Gather for Worship. We desire to worship God as a group when we meet together and we worship as individuals.  In every part of our life we want to see and show that God is supremely deserving of worship.

As a body of believers, we gather on the Lord’s Day to worship  through prayer, singing, the preaching of the word, and the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

As individuals we worship God privately through the practices of Bible reading, study, and prayer.  

Church Essential #2


The second step of discipleship is to Grow Together. As a church we Grow together in groups.  We have Sunday School classes and in the home Community groups where we discuss the scriptures together, pray for one another, and encourage each other to walk faithfully.

Church Essential #3


The third step of discipleship is Give and Serve.  God has gifted every believer  with spiritual gifts and every member of a local church is essential.  We want to help you understand your gifting and find a place to serve.  We believe that you should Give and Serve your time, talents, and finances.

Church Essential #4


Fellowship Baptist is a community that is sent out into the world. We gather for worship and then we go out into our workplaces, homes, neighborhoods, and the world to bring the Gospel of Christ to the lost.  Our goal is to see everyone we meet come to a saving relationship with the Lord. It is our hope that they will not die unbelieving. It is our commitment that they will not die untold.